Iran to ban airlines not using the term 'Persian Gulf'
22-Feb-2010 (8 comments)

Iran has warned that airlines will be banned from flying into its airspace, unless they use the term "Persian Gulf" on their in-flight monitors.

The transport minister has threatened to impound planes that fail to comply.

The nation is most insistent that the stretch of water separating it from its southern neighbours should be known as the Persian Gulf.

To call it the Gulf, annoys the authorities; to call it the Arabian Gulf, infuriates them even more.

Darius Kadivar

Next Step Take Off The Allah from the Flag ...

by Darius Kadivar on

The only Valid Policy undertook by the UN IRANIAN Regime of Tehran in it's 30 years of wretched existence ...

Now they can make an effort and Restore the Shiro Khorsheed Flag instead of using an ARAB One to represent our country.



Darius Kadivar

Princess Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

No Problem I will come with my Entire Fleet in order to Venge our defeat at Waterloo by the same occasion ;0)

With the help of Abba too:


Darius jaan,

by Princess on

I think I will join you, but you might have to come to my rescue if I get beaten up on the streets of London. :)


Darius Kadivar

Princess Jaan it is actually the French Channel ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

At least that is how I shall call it from now on ;0)

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How Petty...

by Bravura on

This is such a biased article, just listen to the tone. They make the name dispute out to be a petty matter of "Persian pride". Even going as far to say that it is simply a throw to the people.

Yet they, the BBC and the "reporter", Jon Leyne, distinctly ingore the historical presence of the name and even omit the fact that the UN comfirmed the offical and legitimate term to be the Persian Gulf.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

For once in

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


their life IRR is going to do something right.

The whole misnaming of Persian Gulf is promoted by BBC. They are the single worst ones. I get sick every time I listen to or read the jerks.


High time!

by Princess on

At least one thing they got right! What took them so long?

"The nation is most insistent that the stretch of water separating it from its southern neighbours should be known as the Persian Gulf."  

Kesi neest beh een ahmagha bege, how would you feel if people started referring to the English Channel as the Channel or the French Channel, or how about we start calling the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of America, or the Indian Ocean, Chinese Ocean, etc, etc. There is a reason why geographical locations have official names!!!

Hardam billi keh neest! There is no limit to pedar sookhtegee

PS: I just made a complaint to the BBC. Here is the link, if anybody wants to give them a piece of their mind: 


Here I have some thing to agree with DK.

by Bavafa on