Iran And The Killer Klones
21-Feb-2010 (2 comments)

February 21, 2010: The Iranian Navy sent its first domestically built destroyer, the Jamaran, to sea today. Apparently this is the "destroyer" that Iran announced it was building three years ago. No further details were given at the time, or since. It was known that Iran had launched a clone of their British made Vosper Mk 5 frigates in 2002. That 1,500 ton ship has been fitting out ever since. Four Vosper frigates were delivered in the early 1970s, and at least three are still in service. Actually, these are considered "corvette" type ships, as destroyers tend to displace over 7,000 tons. The Iranians have a tendency to exaggerate. A lot.

The Iranian navy could certainly use a new warship. Currently, the only major warships it has are three elderly British built frigates (1,540 tons each), and two U.S. built corvettes (1,100 tons each). There are about fifty smaller patrol craft, ten of them armed with Chinese anti-ship missiles. There are another few dozen mine warfare, amphibious and support ships. The three most powerful ships in the fleet are Russian Kilo class subs. There are several older North Korean mini-subs as well, some of them built in Iran. Or so it is said.

All that's been heard of from Iran's naval shipbuilding facility at the Bushehr shipyard, are labor problems. There have been strikes and lockouts, and complaints of poor designs and sloppy management. Iran has, for the last two decades, announced many new, locally made, weapons, that tur... >>>

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mahmoudg and Iranfirst type "Iranian Patriots" can desperatelt look all over the internet to find articles such as the one posted to prove their hatred for Iran.

The author of the article has stated nothing but to claim Iran copied Vosper class ship. That much is true, however, ship's command deck in the released photos spek volume of whole new ship with exception of the looks. 

If the author was any competenet military commentator, he/she woud at least discuss what is obvious through photo releases if nothing else.

Jamaran images speak volume of the new technologies, unfortunately the author's intension was not at all to analyze Jamaran but to simply write a political article to muddy the waters and perhaps to give something to some like minded and desperate people to have a bit of cheer in times that nothing is going good for them like the two gentelmen/women here. So "don't worry, be happy" !!!!!




keep telling you folks

by mahmoudg on

these are all smoke and mirror.  the IRI, its IRGC and Basij are nothing but propoganda.  they would not be able to withstand the force of US/Israel surgical stirkes.  I personally give them a week before the entire facade collapses into oblivion.  There will be all the supporters and apologists of the regime tyring to discredit as many of these claims as they can, but the facts are still the same.  if they cannot reproduce parts for 40 year old F4's, they cannot clone 40 year old frigates either.  Surgical strikes will decapitate this regime, the people will finish them off.