Global Campaign for Human Rights in Iran's Symbolic Hunger Strike in New York on February 20

MEDIA ALERT by Solidarity Committee for the Advancement of Democracy in Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, desperate and incapable of responding to the most basic demands of its people, has created an atmosphere of excessive terror to stop the nation from further calls for justice. The Islamic Republic, in addition to all other violations of human rights which it has committed against people of Iran during the last thirty years, has lately launched a series of brutal warrantless arrests, long term imprisonment for unspecified charges, and astronomically high bail. Worst of all it has executed without trial or even notification of either defense attorney or  families of the victims.

The most recently of the executions is of one young man, Arash Rahmani Pour charged as a "mohareb" (one who fights against the God and His emissaries), terrorized the nation, especially the families of those who are in prison, since this charge is so vague that it could easily apply to anybody.

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