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If you have kids going to school say in the great state of Californina, N.Y Texas or .... you can not help but notice two things, first is the ever increasing class sizes in liue of ever expanding budget cuts, and then of course increase on your taxes.

But while we are going through this hardship, where our schools and cities and in short everyone is subject to budget cuts, the state of Israel with an annual per capita GDP of  $28000+ is guarantee over $30 billion of U.S tax dollars in military aids over the next 8 years!  No, no cuts!

Find out what your city/town/states contribution is to making middle-east a safer place for us all:



Remember, Ahmadi-Nejad and Khamanee's warmongering can only survive with the help of Liberman and Netanyaho's warmongering policies.

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Iranian-Americans have 2 tasks

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Help the movement of our fellow Iranians so one day they can enjoy the freedom we enjoy in U.S.

As tax paying U.S citizens, we are also responsible for misguided policies that are morally indefensible and are  fiscally irresponsible.











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Be prepared for some people like Shepesh, Vimpymouse, Observer, MM and others to show up here and tell you that this does not concern Iranians and therefore does fit to print here. After all, how many Iranians pay taxes in the US? How many are suffering from the US economic downturn? These are good questions to ask from those "Iranians" when they show up. And in case they don't, it probably means they are OK with the money going to Israel rater than benefiting their fellow Aericans or god forbid "Iranians in diaspora" as Hamsaye Ghadimi like to call it.

The subject raised by the article, has always been of high importance but due to the current economic hardship it weighs even more and concerned Iranian/Americans must take action and call their representative and raise their voice.

Israeli GNP as is, does not at all warrant any aid from the US.

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You sound like a combination of both.  Liberman is not a Democrat.