Evin Uses Lies to Break down Children’s Rights Activist

RAHANA – Marayam Zia was arrested on December 31st, 2009 and taken to Evin prison where she remains to this day, despite her dire emotional and physical state. Zia’s husband, Mansour Hayat Gheibi is a labor activist and a member of the Bus Drivers Union. He has been arrested several times in the past and was fired from his job.
According to a RAHANA, Zia who suffers from stress has been taken to Evin’s clinic on 2 separate occasions. Still, prison authorities continue to deny her prison visits with her family. Today, Zia’s family went again to the Revolutionary Court and Evin Prison hoping to visit her but were denied visit.
Zia is not allowed to talk to her children over the phone. She has even been told a few times that her daughter was also in custody, in an attempt to make her confess to false charges.
Maryam Zia has only been allowed two short phone calls to her family since her arrest and is still being interrogated and tormented to make false confessions.
Several of Zia’s colleagues have also been arrested and accused of having links to foreign powers.

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