Basij militia member's story: full transcript

"The first time they took me for interrogation
they struck me so hard in my left eye that I couldn't see for a while.
After the second day I could see a little, I thought I'd gone blind in
my left eye. I still have problems with it, it's never returned to

"Their treatment of me...even though I was high ranking in the Basij
and had a long history of activity...I never expected to be spoken to
in such a way, let alone insulted and sworn at, hit, kicked.

"They created execution scenarios. They said: 'We're going to kill you
and we'll link your death to the protests. We'll say that you were
killed during a protest.'

"There was a table, I stood on that table for some hours with my hands
tied and a rope around my neck. They came a few times and said they'd
come to execute me now, or in an hour. I was very worried.

"Then they came and pulled the table away. I fell. I thought I was
saying goodbye to this world. You see your own disintegration. When
they pulled the table, the rope wasn't attached to anything. I fell
backwards. I fainted.

"When I came to I was wet. They had thrown water over me. I vomited.
They took my confession then and I signed. None of it is beli... >>>

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