Israel bombs Gaza’s agricultural sector to the brink
Aletho / Aletho
15-Feb-2010 (2 comments)

“If we didn’t get the wheat planted today, we would not have had
crops this year,” says Abu Saleh Abu Taima, eyeing the two Israeli
military jeeps parked along the border fence east of Khan Younis,
southern Gaza Strip. Although his land is more than 300 meters away,
technically outside of the Israeli-imposed “buffer zone,” Abu Taima has
reason to be wary.

“They shot at us yesterday. I was here with my wife and nephews.”

Like many farmers along Gaza’s eastern and northern borders, Abu
Taima has been delayed planting by the absence of water and the threat
from Israeli soldiers along the border.

With most of Gaza’s border region wells, cisterns and water lines
destroyed by Israeli forces during last winter’s attacks, farmers have
been largely left with no option but to wait for heavier rains.

“Israeli soldiers started intensively bulldozing the land in 2003.
But they finished the job in the last war on Gaza,” says Hamdan Abu
Taima, owner of 30 dunams (1 dunam is approximate to 1,000 square
meters) dangerously close to the buffer zone.

Nasser Abu Taima has 15 dunams of land nearby. Another 15 dunams lie
inaccessibly close to the border, rendered off-limits by the Israeli
military. “My well was destroyed in the last Israeli war on Gaza. Five
years ago I had hothouses for tomatoes, a house here, many trees. It’s
all gone... >>>

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Ahmadinejad has the best solution

by on

Actually, much more logical is send back those "israelis" to wherever they came from to grab Palestinian lands and to get my tax dollars much like the fair solution as suggested by Ahmadinejad!

Anonymous Observer

What I think should happen

by Anonymous Observer on

is that they should take  all those poor Palestinians who are suffering out of the Gaza and the West Bank, bring them to the Western countries, replace people like you who reside here and use them as propaganda tools with them, and send you to Palestine in their place.  This way, you can put your money where your mouth is and fight for the cause instead of capitalizing on these poor people's suffering for propaganda, and for keeping your brutal military dictatorship in Iran in power.  What do you say, fair or not?  Are you scared of going to fight the "Zionists"?  Are you all talk and no action?  What are you doing behind a keyboard?  When was the last time you were in Palestine fighting the good fight so that incidents such as the one you describe here don't happen?  Are you going to hide behind the ridiculous notion that you are "needed" here to "inform" the public?  That won't fly though.  There's internet connection there.  You can still post your IRI propaganda from there.  Why aren't you there helping your brothers and sisters?