Iran accused of jamming foreign broadcasts
13-Feb-2010 (one comment)

LONDON — Three international broadcasters on Friday accused Iran of deliberately jamming their output.

Britain's BBC, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle and the Voice of America said the interference began on Thursday as Iran celebrated the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

They accused Iran of broadcasting freely around the world while denying the Iranian people programmes coming from outside the country.

BBC World News was the latest TV channel to be jammed this week.

"We condemn any jamming of these channels," said a joint statement by Peter Horrocks, Director of BBC World Service, Erik Bettermann, Director of Deutsche Welle and Dan Austin, Director of Voice of America.

"It contravenes international agreements and is interfering with the free and open flow of international transmissions that are protected by international treaties.

"The jamming violates article 45 of the constitution of the International Telecommunication Union that prohibits signal interference and we look to the international regulatory community to take a firmer stance on this deliberate act of jamming."

The broadcasters called on satellite operators and regulators to take "urgent action to put pressure on Iran to stop this activity".

"The Iranian authorities are using the same satellite services to broadcast freely around the world including broadcasts in English and Arabic; at the same time they are denying their own people program... >>>

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Blocking BBC and VOA?

by adele on

These networks are the enemies of Iran and the Iranian people. They should be jammed, always.  They have no credibility, fabricate news, inflate the bad and ignore reporting the good. They are the instruments and mouthpieces of their governments for agitation and creating divisions among Iranian people.  They failed miserably on Feb.11 and will fail in the future.

There were over one hundred reporters from the West in Iran. Where are their reports on the millions who turned out to celebrate the anniversary of the revolution?  Just look here in , the only picture is supposedly of the "opposition"!  Where were the predicted 3 million oppositon predicted and supposed to show up?  They fizzled, like a fa-t.