Blix: Straw 'gave incorrect answers' to Iraq inquiry
08-Feb-2010 (5 comments)

Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw gave some incorrect answers to the UK's Iraq war inquiry, former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix has said.

Mr Blix told the BBC he was "puzzled" by some of the evidence that Mr Straw gave to the panel.

He said that Mr Straw had been incorrect to suggest, in 2002, that UN weapons inspectors were not being allowed access to certain sites.

Mr Straw is due to be interviewed by the inquiry again later on Monday.

"I'm puzzled by some of the things Jack Straw said," Mr Blix told BBC World's Hardtalk programme.

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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

As for the Kelly affair,

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

As for the Kelly affair, you are right, it did look very fishy, but
unfortunately no evidence has surfaced as of yet to back those
accusations. And for better or worse in a democracy you need hard

True. But you need to investigate it before evidence is revealed. Look I am not saying that Kelly was murdered. But I would like to see real investigation. And not by Butler or Hutton.  Will it happen: probably not any time soon.

I will grant that in the UK there has been more soul searching. I live here in the US. We all know that the Iraq war got sold on phony evidence. Most people are not mad because of that. They are mad because it was not a "neat" victory and they did not get cheap oil. In fact the prices went up!! This is a very self centered society; people just want to know how something will help them. A war is accepted as long as it is quick and has few American casualties. The other side's casualties are generally ignored.

Regarding the British I am no fan of UK. I strongly blame the UK government for bringing Khomeini to power. I like the British people to demand an inquiry on that topic. I wish there was one and the people behind it were exposed. 



by Princess on

VPK, I am not surprised that Blair and Co lie all the time, but I am surprised that the enquiry is uncovering some of the things it is uncovering. I love the fact that at least in this country there have been enquiry after enquiry to look at different aspects of the preparation to go to war and the Brits don't seem to give up until they are satisfied with the thoroughness of the process.

As for the Kelly affair, you are right, it did look very fishy, but unfortunately no evidence has surfaced as of yet to back those accusations. And for better or worse in a democracy you need hard evidence.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Are you surprised?

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I railed against Blair; Bush and the rest long before Blix came out and said this. We all know what they were up to. By the way Blair did a lot more fishy stuff than lie to the Parliament.

He single handedly gutted out BBC and wrecked it because Andrew Gilligan crossed him.Blair went on a vindictive revenge witch hunt in the process removing the whole BBC top management. 

Next is the issue of Dr David Kelly who just happened to "commit suicide". Dr Kelly had highly damaging evidence against Blair. Oops he just suddenly decided to commit suicide.  How convenient for PM Tony Blair.

The world political system is an open sewer that stinks. Tony Blair is just one of the s***t that floated to the top of the system.


I share your wish enthusiastically

by Bavafa on



Held accountable and brought to justice

by Princess on

I really hope that the Chilcot Enquiry finds Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, Jack Straw and Co. guilty of misleading the parliament are holds each and every one of them accountable in some shape or form for having disregarded the democratic due process in this country in the run up to the Iraq war. They continue to shamelessly spread their lies. 

I have no sympathy for the lot of them. A bunch of self-righteous politicians who have caused so much unnecessary bloodshed and made the world so much less secure because of their arrogance.

I just wished there was a similar thing going on in the US for the Bush, Cheney and the gang. Although I realise it would be too much to ask of the USA.