Exiled Iranian journalists warn foreign correspondents about 22 Bahman

Letter from exiled Iranian journalists to foreign correspondents invited to go to Iran to cover 22 Bahman, the anniversary commemorating the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

A group of exiled journalists write a letter to remind foreign correspondents invited to cover 22 Bahman, that after the June 2009 Presidential elections, 45 Iranian journalists and many other foreign correspondents were arrested. They warn that: “Inviting foreign journalists to provide media coverage of the anniversary of the 1979 revolution on February 11, 2010 is another part of the deceitful plan of Ahmadinejad’s illegal administration.”

The signatories of the following letter ask all Iranian journalists to sign the letter by sending an e-mail to: roozirani@yahoo.com

Dear Fellow Journalists,

We are writing to those of you who have been invited to go to Iran in February 2010 to provide media coverage to the celebrations of the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution. We are a group of Iranian journalists who have been forced to live in exile. There are many others like us around the world, 45 of whom will be in Iranian prisons when you arrive in Tehran. They will be under torturous conditions in Iranian prisons that are, as you know, among the most hideous in the world.

Dear Fellow Journalists,

As imprisoned or exiled journalists our crime is nothing other than our desire to report... >>>

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