No More Intimidation Through Execution, Says European Union (EU) To Iran
05-Feb-2010 (2 comments)
Iran should immediately halt all judicial executions, especially
those which are being used to "intimidate" anti-government protestors,
the European Union's (EU) foreign-policy director said on Friday.   Iran has carried out a series of executions of dissidents
following sporadic anti-government protests in the second half of 2009.
Nine more demonstrators were sentenced to death on Tuesday.   The latest announcement "is part of a disturbing trend to
intimidate opposition protestors", the EU's new foreign policy director
Catherine Ashton said in a statement.   The EU "is opposed to capital punishment under all circumstances
and calls on Iran to institute an immediate moratorium on executions.
The European Union is deeply concerned by this announcement," the
statement said. >>>
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Are you joking?!!!

by IranFirst on

Are you talking about bararian Talibans and feeling sorry for them? Its a joke right ?!!!


are we talking about same EU

by nojanthegreat on

are we talking about same EU ,that have its troops in afganistan and iraq ? civilize society ? its a joke right ?!!!!