Iran Analysis: The Missing Numbers in the Economy
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04-Feb-2010 (2 comments)

This quarterly report on the economic condition in the country contains some important points. Firstly, the report shows the country’s economic situation and direction in every quarter. Secondly, it moderates the expectations of the readers and economists with respect to real economic changes. That is why the report is considered a credible source for an economic evaluation and analysis. This report, like the World Bank’s report, does not portray a pleasant picture of the country’s economic state and activities.

The analysis presented in the latest edition of the report:

1) Economic growth: Finally, Iran’s rate of growth for 1387 (21 March 2008-20 March 2009) was officially announced. Based on the report, Iran’s Central Bank has announced the gross rate of growth in this period to be 3.2%. The growth rate is calculated by finding the sum of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of this year and the previous year, and dividing it by the GDP of the year in question. However, the data for Gross Domestic Product in 2008 is, unexpectedly, absent from the report. Instead, it reads “data is not available” in front of the GDP. If the growth rate is properly calculated, the GDP (the source of the calculations) should also be mentioned in the report, as it was in previous years. If the data for GDP is not available, then how was the rate of growth obtained? If the GDP is known, why is it absent from the report?

In previous years, the economic rate of g... >>>

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Thank you for the link. Sorry, I had not seen yours, or would not have posted it again


But Iranians LOVE poverty and don't like freedom

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I posted the same news earlier but also explained why Iranians love the regime anyway, according to Sargord Perouz and other regime appologists.    You can find my satire on their view of things at: