Iran launches rocket carrying animals into orbit
03-Feb-2010 (4 comments)

Iran has launched a rocket into orbit carrying what state-owned Al-Alam televison report as an "experimental capsule".

The Kavoshgar 3 (Explorer) rocket is reportedly carrying a capsule with live animals including a rat, turtles and worms.

Footage shown on state television shows the rocket being fired from a launch pad.

President Ahmadinejad praised the launch of the satellite and the progress his country was making in its space programme.

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by Abarmard on

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when I heard that i just about fell out of my chair

by mahmoudg on

Who do they think they are fooling??  They have placed an earthworm, a trutle and a mouse inside the nose cone of a rocket for further experimentation in space?!?!?!  These morons can not screw a bolt properly on a domestically montaged car, and we expect them to conduct experiments inside a nose cone of a rocket!?!?!?!.  perhaps they thing the rest of us are as naive as that Sargord moron who lurks on this site and regurgitates everything these Mullahs tell him. 

Anonymous Observer

those poor animals

by Anonymous Observer on

why can't they put Khamenei in that death trap instead of the innocent mouse?


Congratulations to all Iranian

by Abarmard on

This is a good scientific news