How long will it take for the lesson to stick?
Wall Street Journal / Bret Stevens
03-Feb-2010 (6 comments)

'We have been trying to negotiate [with the Iranians] for five, six years. We've tried everything. We have met every Iranian. We have tried to open every possible channel. We've had new ideas and the result is this: nothing."

Thus did a senior Western diplomat recently describe to me his country's efforts to reach a negotiated settlement with Tehran over its nuclear programs. In doing so, he also finally disposed of the myth, nearly a decade in the making, that Iran was ready to abandon those programs in exchange for a "grand bargain" with the West.

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Well Ahmad

by Abarmard on

In a very strange way, IR is treating its citizens like Israel. Think it this way, the majority of the citizen of the land have been replaced by a group that has similar beliefs and in line with similar ideology otherwise kicked out, jailed or raped and murdered. If you can't see the similarities, it's you.


this all

by ahmad_ on

This all could have been prevented if the IR had been treating the Iranians just the same as Israel government treats her citizens, or

Denmark, Holland, Sweden Japan, Canada have been treating their citizens.

A very simple argument, a government to serve the people and not to rule and torture them as that moron tried to portray in his poster of "peace".

The only effective weapon that countries like ours can really rely on is the never ending practice of democracy. Then those nations have something valuable to protect.


The writer is also editor of Jeruselom post, what do you expect

by XerXes. on

7 myths about Israel:

(1) Military strikes on Israeli's nuclear facilities cannot be done

-Based on Iranian military intelligence, the Iranians are fully aware about the location of Israeli nuclear facilities. The vast majority of the countries and people in the world believe that Israel is a power house, yet without American help Israel is a helpless child. The tiny state cannot sustain an attack from a country as large and powerful as Iran.

(2) Iranian retaliation against the tiny state would rally the world to help Israel.

-In reality the Arab world realizes the paper tiger in the region and begins to treat Israel the way that they should have been treated. The west's hunger for oil and energy won't allow them to dramatically get in any serious conflict with the regional countries. The Sunni extremists funded by Israeli government would turn to join forces with other sects.

(3) Israeli forced American Sanctions towards Iran works well and makes Iranian people angry against the Islamic Republic.

-The level of stupidity of American policy makers that are at the service of Israelis are unknown. For the past thirty years sanctions has allowed Iran to produce the most important parts needed for their survivor and the government has been very successful at directing its true shortcomings to Israeli based American forced Sanctions.

(4) Israeli extremists believe (Which is the entire government) that The world cannot live with a nuclear Iran.

--As apartheid regime of Israel was able to use phosphorus bombs and inhumane wars against defenseless Palestinians, Iranians have no history of aggression. The world can easily find areas of interest that matches the security guarantees of all countries involved with Iran. Iran does require recognition and must be treated with respect. The Israeli agents and AIPAC will not allow this to happen at first but then they will realize that they have no choice and commit to peaceful diplomacy. Iran poses no threat to any country. Israel must be put in its place by the American policy makers that US cannot afford paying for Israeli war crimes and costly mistakes.

(5) The Israeli regime is secure and strong. Israel can preemptive strike against Iran at will.

-The world has realized that the tiny state not defeat shoeless army in southern Lebanon. Israel is one of the weak states and the government cannot sustain itself without a major dilemma. The best policy for Israel is to get in a long conflict with a major player, but with money and military of the United States. However the Israelis know well how weak they are and if they could have preemptive strike against Iran as they did to Iraq, they would have done so already. Iran can change the future of Israel with precise attack to vital areas and make Israel no more. NOTE: Iran sent it's 3rd space craft into orbit.

6) The more support we show Israel, the less they want.

-The Israeli needs are endless. As Israel is unable to sustain its existence, it relies heavily on outside, specifically American tax payers money to continue funding their expensive life style. While Iran is self sufficient, America has become Israelis welfare state, thanks to AIPAC. Without AIPAC no politician can get elected into office in the United States of America.

(7) Israel will ultimately dispose of Iran's nuclear facilities.

-Israel cannot do anything. They are tiny state funded heavily by the United States, a country that now is involved in two unpopular wars and in a bad financial situation. Israel has to deal with a powerful nuclear Iran and should begin planning to establish a "normal" state, where diplomacy and trade speaks the first word. To do so, Israel must stop its expansionist policies and begin to treat her neighbors humanely and respectfully, something unheard of from fascist regime.



by Kaveh Parsa on

The extremist are the ones in power in Iran, and giving ammunition to "extermist" in US & Israel.  Given your tolerance for the home made variety of extremists, what is your suggestion for dealing with them both on the nuclear & terrorist issues as well as the HR issue?



Extremist article

by Abarmard on

WSJ is pro Israeli extremists news paper. This is in line with Netanyahoo's warmongering policies.

I don't know how one should let these extremists know that they are not in a position to draw a plan for the future of Iran. They don't seem to get it.

Darius Kadivar

I ONLY Agree with Point # 6 as being a Myth in his assessment

by Darius Kadivar on

(6) The more support we show Iran's demonstrators, the more we hurt their cause.

The Rest of the Article's Arguments are symptomatic of neo con impatience when it comes to Iran but it proves if needed the URGENCY For Us in the DIASPORA to organize ourselves towards MORE UNITY in order to achieve an Iranian SOLIDARNOSC and Not leave it to Western Governments or Neo Con or Israeli extremists to decide for Us on how to deal with the Regime or Not.

We Need to Make Firm and Symbolic Gestures between ALL DEMOCRATIC forces to Join Hands against the IRI and Demand Regime Change.


If Stubborn Individuals however respectful like Shirin Ebadi, Mohsen Kadivar, and Akbar Ganji could Join hands for a change with Reza PAhlavi on a common platform for Democracy and Regime Change:

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by DK

As Others have in Europe:

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... by DK

it would boost the Green movement and encourage the leaders inside to join hands with us outside in this struggle it would Help Zip the Mouth of the Neo Cons and all the other Crazy Israeli generals in their attempts to push for War or Military Action on our nuclear sites.

Otherwise if we remain disunited we will only feed the neo cons impatience to reach a military solution that would prove counterproductive by all accounts.