Iran, With Opposition Protests Continuing, Executes More Prisoners
New Yok Times


The elder Mr. Rahmanipour was unsettled last Thursday to hear from
prison authorities that his son had been transferred to a different
prison. His misgivings gave way to shock and grief that afternoon when
he heard, on state-run television, that his son had been hanged that
day at dawn.

“We are in a devastating psychological and
physical situation,” Mr. Rahmanipour said Monday in a tearful voice
during a telephone interview.

He told Al Jazeera television on Friday that he was refusing to accept messages of condolence. “My son is a martyr for democracy,” he said.

experts have said that the government hastily ordered the executions of
Arash Rahmanipour and Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani, 37, another political
prisoner, to intimidate the opposition and to silence the protests that
have persisted since the disputed June 12 presidential elections.

the government’s opponents planning another large demonstration on Feb.
11, the country is bracing for another wave of executions. At least
nine o... >>>

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