UPDATED: Who Murdered Ali-Mohammadi?
31-Jan-2010 (one comment)

Tehran Bureau has obtained new information on the circumstances
surrounding the murder of Professor Ali-Mohammadi, as well as his
background. This information sheds new light on the possible culprits
behind his assassination. The information reveals, in particular, that
before changing his political views and becoming a supporter of Iran's
reformists and the Green Movement, Ali-Mohammadi, while not a nuclear
physicist as claimed by the hardliners, was deeply involved with Iran's
nuclear program.

According to an informed source in Tehran who was Professor
Ali-Mohammad's friend and classmate, the day before his assassination,
his house was searched by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence. After
his murder, his family was threatened with criminal arrest and
prosecution if they made public any information about the search.

The same source in Tehran stated that after the fatal bomb
explosion, neither the police, nor IRGC security agents, nor agents of
the Ministry of Intelligence were dispatched to the explosion site to
collect evidence. Instead, the debris from the explosion was simply
swept away -- peculiar in any circumstance, especially so given that
the hardliners attribute the assassination to foreign agents.

According to Tehran Bureau's source, Ali-Mohammadi was extensively
involved with the Institute for Applied Physics (IAP) at the Iran >>>

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One more reason

by IranFirst on

IRI murdered Dr. Ali-Mohammadi because he knew the recent history of
IRI's use of dual-use items and they could not trust him any more
(after his support for the green movement). In addition, I think IRI
will use this to intimidate and silence other Nuclear scientits and
prevent them from defection.
This story has many other implications, one is why would IRI kill DR.
Mohammadi, if its nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes and it
has nothing to hide?!