The Working Class and Emancipatory Struggles of People in Iran
street journalist

As Islamic Republic (IR) continues its naked repression of Iranian people with full force, people’s protest movement has demonstrated beyond any doubt that it will settle for nothing less than true unconditional freedom. Workers and liberated people of Iran and world strongly condemn the vile repression, prosecution and incarceration of protesters and social and political activists and absolutely despise and denounce their torture, rape and execution by IR.

As far as the working class is concerned, the independent labour movement in Iran did not participate in the sham presidential “election,” since this movement had had no illusions about either faction of the ruling class. All four “candidate” fully supported capitalist and neo-liberal policies. Labour activists clearly recall the period from 1979 to 1988 during which every single genuine, autonomous workers’ council and independent syndicates created during the 79’ Revolution were most violently crushed. These autonomous workers’ organizations were forcibly replaced by sham state, management sponsored so called “Islamic Labour Councils.”

During 8 years of Khatemi’s “reformist” reign repression of workers was in full throttle. Khatoon Abad workers getting shot to death on the picket line, for merely demanding permanent job contracts, was the most brazen instance; a slaughter which led to a number of other protests. Ahmadinejad has elevated repression and lawlessness towards w... >>>

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