US weapon test aimed at Iran caused Haiti quake
23-Jan-2010 (one comment)

An unconfirmed report by the Russian Northern Fleets says the Haiti earthquake was caused by a flawed US Navy 'earthquake weapons' test before the weapons could be utilized against Iran.

United States Navy test of one of its 'earthquake weapons' which was to be used against Iran, went 'horribly wrong' and caused the catastrophic quake in the Caribbean, the website of Venezuela's ViVe TV recently reported, citing the Russian report.

After the report was released, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez also made a similar claim, saying that a US drill, carried out in preparation for a deliberate attempt to cause an earthquake in Iran, had led to the deadly incident in Haiti, claiming more than 110,000 lives.

Though Russian Northern Fleets' report was not confirmed by official sources, the comments attracted special attention in some US and Russian media outlets including Fox news and Russia Today.

Russia Today's report said that Moscow has also been accused of possessing and utilizing such weapons.

In 2002, a Georgian Green Party leader claimed that Moscow had instigated an earthquake on Georgian territory, the TV channel said.

According to ViVe, the unconfirmed Russian report says earlier this month the US carried out a similar test in the Pacific Ocean, which also caused another 6.5 magnitude earthquake in an area near the town of Eureka, California.

The California quake resulted in no deaths or serious injury, but left ma... >>>

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Basiji brain in action

by IranFirst on

Based on this mullah logic, US had tested
this "earthquake weapon" in the
Pacific Ocean and hitting its own town (Eureka, Ca) but had gone ahead
(risking hitting another one of its own towns again), and hit Haiti by
mistake. So one would think this
thing is really shooting in wrong directions. But in the report it also
says that US general Keen was placed on the Island, because US
anticipated hitting Haiti ! . Finally, Haiti was hit with another huge
aftershock, is someone at US keep shooting the weapon ?! , and if so
HAARP's aim must have suddenly  improved drastically to hit the same
place twice.