Rooh Dar Rooh interview with Founder Jahanshah Javid
voa persian
23-Jan-2010 (2 comments)

Interview with Founder of Jahanshah Javid on his life and career on Talk Show ROOH DAR ROOH. Watch Here

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What a great interview! I

by benross on

What a great interview! I couldn't see the image in my old computer. I let it run to listen while I was browsing the internet. I had really a good time and I agree with Suomynona, it was very frank and I really felt at home.



by Suomynona on

Mr. Javid,

i watched your entire interview, and learned quite a lot about IC and background info, but even more impressively, i learned that the main person behind this site is a genuine class act. type of person you can go have a drink, and throughly enjoy spending time with.

well done.