How Would Ahmadinejad Fall? (And What Would Come Next?)
23-Jan-2010 (2 comments)

Chris Emery and another top EA correspondent respond to yesterday’s “The Plot Against President Ahmadinejad” and readers’ question by considering the process for the President’s removal and the political questions that would follow:

EMERY: First of all, we should not overlook that there would have to be another election within 50 days in the case of impeachment. The massive question then would be whether (Mir Hossein) Mousavi would be barred from standing. If he was, then the exercise in restoring legitimacy is worthless. If he wasn’t, then the regime would be taking a monumental step. Can’t see it happening for those reasons alone.

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But if it did….

My understanding is that constitutionally the Majlis Speaker would take a central role in any impeachment. They would also be responsible, along with the Deputy President and head of the Judiciary to arrange for the new President to be elected within 50 days. This may be complicated if (Speaker of Parliament) Ali Larijani is standing.

That would partly explain Rafsanjani’s influence in 1981 as head of the Majlis. It might not give him quite as an important role now. On the other hand, in the above scenario, there would be two Larijanis and a weak Deputy (President) at the center of the process.

I also believe t... >>>

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I hope

by IranFirst on

I hope you are right. IRI's recent TV "debates", and charging
Mortazavi, etc. are all fake and methods to take the initiative on
criticism away from green , without doing anything (its all talk). Non
of these "debates" are allowed to criticize the "leader", they are made
to deflect the pressure away from IRI as a system and put the blames on
few mistakes and individuals. Getting rid of Antrai (if it happens,I
doubt it will), would be for the same reason.


For vast majority of the

by Bavafa on

For vast majority of the people in Iran, this is not about Antri any more

People seem to be past that point and want a different system, lets hope the outside forces, mainly West and Ezraeel, don't give the IRI the excuse they need to clamp down on people so much harder then they already have and also give some of the people reason to unite against the outsiders.