The Plot Against Ahmadinejad
Enduring America / Scott Lucas
22-Jan-2010 (one comment)

 Abdolhossein Ruholamini, however, is still campaigning. Last week he met with the student movement, Islamic Community from European Countries to Iran. In a forceful speech, he declared his anger with Ahmadinejad and the Government. He made clear that he and others had decided to “claim and appeal” over the authorities at Kahrizak, Saeed Mortazavi, the police, and the judiciary: (I paraphrase) “We have much evidence against Mortazavi, against police, against some judges. (Ruholamini said that, in one case, a single judge had condemned 700 people to jail in one day.) We even have phone conversations over the killing of the doctor [Ramin Pourandarjan] in Kahrizak.”

 Ruholamini made clear that his claim and appeal is also against President Ahmadinejad. And he has also said that he met the Supreme Leader over the matter and Khamenei said (paraphrasing), “Go ahead. The way is clear for you.”


Khamenei says "Go ahead?"

by FG on

Yesterday I posted a news item about the conservative plan for Ahmadinejad's ouster.   Lucas has more info today and his sources are very good.  

Six months after the election Ahmadinejad has alienated almost everyone in Iran today except for a tiny but militarily powerful groups--certain key IRCG and Basilj officers (though it's not clear they can count on  their rank and file) and extreme hard line clerics.  The coup group is hardly liberal but all three hate Ahmadinjad and each has man followers of their own.  This is the second, is smaller, "opposition" which has zero connection with the Green movement.   

Whether Ahmadinejad can count on the military to save him, or whether it will try isn't at all clear.  I have no doubt there is great dissension in the ranks of the IRCG, and not just the rank and file.  Despite purges, it includes some officers.   It's virtually certain that many ex-IRCG leaders, both retired and purged, are also behind the attempt to oust Ahmadinejad and disapprove of his turing what was supposed to be a body for defense of the nation into a political institution used to terrorize everyone, even clerics and mosques, and engage in assassinations, mass beatings and dorm, home and mosque break ins in which the police are ordered not to interfere.  

The lack of sympathy for Ahmadinejad and the presence of a quiet opposition even within the regime is evident by some of the recent leaks about infighting.  Some have come from very high up and obviously included sources in the military and intelligence areas.