In Iran, A Fight Till The Bitter End
22-Jan-2010 (2 comments)

"Most telling, however, are words from the Supreme Leader's
representative to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). That
official, Ali Saeedi, spoke about the deployment of both hard and soft power against protestors. Then, chillingly, he added,
that the quest to preserve the Islamic Republic would be "worthwhile
even if 75,000 people are killed in the process." A senior IRGC
commander, Mohammad Ali Jafari, averred publicly, "preserving the Islamic Republic is more vital than performing daily prayers." Such statements should caution Iranians and others from assuming the Islamic Republic will collapse soon."

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The IRGC is at the forefront of killing Iranian people

by Fair on

Despite all the lies that terrorist anti Iran waffen SS major has said.

Jafari himself has directly intervened in this crisis and is pushing for harsher treatment of innocent civilian victims (or as terrorist anti Iran major calls them- "subversives") by the rapists and torturers of the stateless terrorist organizations IRGC and NAJA (or as terrorist anti Iran major calls them, "law enforcement").

For the record, the shah was much more decent than Khamenei. When he saw he lacked popular support, he stood down against the people and yielded. The Islamic Fuehrer and his pit bulls have no such decency, as they are stateless anti Iran terrorists.


gitdoun ver.2.0

the corpses will stack

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

the regime will kill 75,000. this isn't a farce. it will happen !