A Review of Pejman Akbarzadeh's documentary on Iran's legendary Diva Hayedeh
payvand / Hooman Khalatbari

The documentary film, "Hayedeh, Legendary Persian Diva" ["Sokhan az Hayedeh"], was among the films screened in Sweden at the 9th International Exile Film Festival, in Oct. 2009. On 20th 2010, 20th anniversary of Hayedeh's death in exile, the film has been released on DVD by the Persian Dutch Network in Amsterdam. The following review recently has been published on BBC Persian website by the opera conductor, Hooman Khalatbari.

This 100-minute documentary is a film by Pejman Akbarzadeh, a 29-year-old Persian pianist and journalist residing in the Netherlands. The film was screened on October 25 at the Hagabion Hall in Gothenburg, and in May 2009 it was nominated for "Best Documentary Film" at the Noor Film Festival in Los Angeles.

"Sokhan az Hayedeh" is a condensed yet accurate look at the life and lasting works of this beloved Persian singer. References to the singer's initial songs, while not neglecting those who created the songs, presenting LPs and and videos relevant to each piece of work, interviews with figures prominent in shaping the wo... >>>

recommended by Darius Kadivar