The Supreme Leader's Inner Circle
Rooz Online / Mohammed Reza Mahdi

Rooz: One issue that was very surprising was the imposition of unprecedented violence against protesters and civil society activists after the election. Many ask who is behind these events? What is your opinion?

Madhi: Look, Mr. Mesbah Yazdi has played the biggest role in Mr. Ahmadinejad’s growth as a way for his own growth. In order to be successful they had to deal with the reform movement once and for all, and for that purpose they even took up arms against someone like Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who was a priceless resource for saving the regime. They could not tolerate even Mousavi.

Rooz: How so?

Madhi: A plan was prepared before the election not to allow reformists to win under any circumstances. It was a strong plan.

Rooz: Is the supreme leader aware of these issues?

Madhi: In my opinion the supreme leader was played with in this incident.

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