Meeting Andreas Moser

Andreas Moser is a German citizen who was arrested in Iran on 25th June last year. As a tourist he had enjoyed sightseeing in Iran during December/January before the election fraud took place in June. Andreas's tourist visit to Iran developed a kind of affinity towards Iran and its hospitable people. When the protests erupted in June this year, he decided to go back to Iran and see what was going on from a close distance for himself.

The first major disturbance he came across was outside Baharestan Sq., another traditional flashpoint for protests in Tehran where the parliament is situated. This was two days after Neda was murdered, the atmosphere was tense and fear was beginning to prevail again.

Andreas described how out of nowhere a crowd of around 5000 suddenly gathered. Andreas had taken part in many demonstrations in Germany himself for various issues but he described the crowds at Baharestan as the most peaceful protesters he had ever seen. Yet the response by the Special Units was brutal, indiscriminate and over the top. Andreas himself became a victim of the indiscriminate baton wielding Special Units in helmets and armour. The pain of the truncheon blows however soon gave way to a deep sense of rage and resentment. 'Why? for what reason do they beat people up?' was the burning question that did not soothe away. 'This was the most peaceful demonstration I had ever seen. There was no reason for the violence,' Andreas told me. Yet even if anyone could... >>>

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