The 15 Points of "The Secular Green Movement"
Enduring America / Scott Lucas
16-Jan-2010 (one comment)

6. Iran will only belong to all Iranians when every office is open to anyone, regardless of religion, ideology, language, ethnicity, or gender.

8. All natural resources belong to all Iranians...

11. There should be acceptance of the inherent needs of different groups of society, prohibiting the imposition of a unified religion, rules, language, etc.

14. ...people must always have the right to criticize, protest, gather peacefully, and go on legal strikes. In parallel, freedom of press and media must be guaranteed by government....

15. Armed forces and security forces are not allowed to participate in political and economic affairs, except as private citizens and without state funding. They should abide to their legal duties, obeying the government and the people.

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Khamenei regime counters with 16 demands of its own.

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1. High public office shall be restricted exclusively to male muslims.

2. High public office shall be further restricted to Shia muslims only, and within this group, exclusively to citizens who agree with the 16 demands listed here.

3. The highest public offices shall be limited exclusively to the clerical class and within that class to Mesbah Yadzi-type ultraconservatives.

4. The Supreme Leader is truely Allah himself disguised in human form.  Thus he shall rightfully enjoy absolute and final control over all three branches of government as well as the right to veto any constitutionally "guaranteed" rights. A naturally corollary is that anyone who disagrees with Khemenei on any matter can be prosecuted at any time of his chooseing for having committed a "crime against God."   The latter is inarguably subject to capital punishment by its very nature. 

5. All high office clerics shall be entitled exploit their "God-imposed" positions so as to create multi-million dollar estates for their families.  In the case of the Supreme Leader, the looted sum shall be no less than $35 billion as well as  family's personal ownership of the former Shah's palaces. 

6. Freedom of press is anti-Islamic. The regime shall have absolute authority to shut down any media or arrest and convict any journalist or writer who questions anything it does.

7. Freedom of speech or freedom to demonstrat peacefully is extremely anti-Islamic. The regime shall have the right to beat, arrest, torture, rape murder or imprison any citizen--regardless of gender or age--at anytime it chooses and without need of explanation.

8. Reform is anti-Islamic.   Thus, the regime has the right to rig any election as needed to deter reform.  In doing so, it is preventing sin. 

9. Personal privacy is intensely anti-Islamic.  The regime reserves the right to regulate haircuts, headgear, beards, etc.   It shall also enjoy the right to send plainclothes squads and basiljs to carry out essential tasks such as invading and trashing the homes, dorms, mosques, etc., of anyone who questions its behavior.  Trashing of this sort shall NOT be subject to prosecution.   By contrast, "rioters" who burn trash cans to counter the regime's tear gas are fully liable to any consequences the regime may choose, including the death penalty.

10. The regime reserves the right to assign plainclothes agents to carry out assasssinations (bombings, shootings, arson, fatal injections, vehicular homicide) as a form of self-preservation and message sending. 

11. No member of the police shall interfere with individuals carrying out tasks described in #9 and #10.  That includes any attempt at honest, oopen and full investigations afterward.  Anyone who disobeys will be subject to prosecution--along with wives, parents and other family memberts.

12. No dissident shall have the right demand a speedy, public or fair trail, especially one that allows real evidence, a real defense attorneys or the right to confront witnesses who made the accusation.   Any defense attorney who actually tries to defend his client shall be subject to the same penalties as any police or security official who attempts to defend dissidents against plainclothes regme agents brutalize them.

13. Where a critic persists in misbehavior despite prolonged torture and imprisonment, the regime shall have the right to arrest, beat, torture or rape his or her family and friends.  That is, the need to induce a public "confession" for show trials must always be paramount.

14. Eighty percent of the economy shall be designated the personal property of the most ultraconservative high clerics and top security officials.  Whatever crumbs remain shall be reserved to the people of Iran.

15. Workers who go weeks or months without pay shall have no right to strike. Anyone chosen by the workers to protest such conditions shall be subject to the usual procedures (arrests, beatings, torture, convictions, long sentences).

16. Privileged officials of the regime shall enjoy the right to establish "rainy day funds" in foreign banks in the event an ungrateful people should become dissatisfied with the rights described herein.

(NOTE TO ANYONE WHO DOESN'T GET IT: The 15 demands from the secular opposition is a real news item.   The 16 "counter" demands from the Khamenei regime is my own satire.   The implicit point is that any Iranian who must choose between what each side offers has a "no brainer"--that is, its equivalent between choosing between a bowl of ice cream and a bottle of castor oil).