Attack against physicist: Iranians do not trust official theory of sabotage
13-Jan-2010 (one comment)

A physicist was assassinated – now Iran’s regime and the reformist movement are quarreling over the question to which political camp he belonged. Above all, the public doubts circulating about the official version prove one thing: After the disputed presidential election the state has lost the last vestige of its credibility.

Who was Massoud Ali Mohammadi? The violent death of the 50 year old professor in Tehran on Wednesday [sic] morning has triggered a fierce argument about this simple question. The regime and the reformist movement provide different information. Both sides claim that Ali Mohammadi was one of their committed supporters.

* The physicist was specialized on nuclear sciences, his death was probably an act of sabotage by Israel and the USA, directed against the Iranian nuclear program – said Tehran judiciary officials only hours after the deadly attack with a remote-controlled bomb. They added that Ali Mohammadi was a deeply religious man, an advocator of the Islamic Revolution

* No way, objected representatives of the reformist movement through their traditional channels via internet forums and blogs: Ali Mohammadi was not at all involved in Iran’s nuclear program, he did research on quantum mechanics. As a professed supporter of the defied presidential candidate Mir Hossein Moussavi, he after the allegedly rigged presidential elections in June had encouraged his students to take to the streets. The regime is responsible for his... >>>

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