Iranian comic Maz Jobrani to star in ABC family sitcom "Funny In Farsi"
Reuters / Nellie Andreeva
11-Jan-2010 (one comment)

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Iranian-born comic Maz Jobrani will star in the ABC family sitcom pilot "Funny in Farsi."

Another Iranian native, Marjan Nehsat, will co-star in the project based on the memoir by Iranian-born author Firoozeh Dumas about growing up in Newport Beach, Calif., during the 1970s.

Jobrani will play the dad, Mohammed Sayed Kazem Jazeyeri (a.k.a. Kaz), an engineer for an oil company who emigrated with his family from Iran to Newport Beach.

Neshat will play the mother Nazireh (a.k.a. Nancy), who finds it hard to assimilate in her new environment. Armenian-American Hrach Titizian will play Uncle Mansoor, Kaz's jovial younger brother.

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This will be hilarious! I saw him on CNN mentioning it. Yesssss!

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