Secrets of Khamenei's Life (Part II)
hornylafayette blogspot / Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Khamenei's catchphrase for the past twenty years has been, 'Do this, but don't let the people find out' or 'Do that, but make sure no one finds out.'... all the power of the Leader's Household depends on keeping the people ignorant of the secrets of Mr. Khamenei's life and the behind-the-curtains activities of the Leader's office.

The close guards, who consist of 200 individuals and who witness the trips and life in the palace, each possess a home worth one billion toumans ($1 million).  Anyone who considers Khamenei to be pious and who lead austere lives themselves is not permitted past the first ring of guards less they become (disillusioned).

(Khamenei's wife) has little patience for the daily groveling of the people.   More than anyone, she says that the Iranian people are fawning liars and traitors.

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