Death Toll Rises to 10 as clashes in Iran Intensify
NY Times / Robert F. Worth and Nazila Fathi
27-Dec-2009 (one comment)
Unlike the other protesters, Mr. Moussavi appears to have been killed by assassins, in a political gesture aimed at his uncle, according to Mohsen Makhmalbaf, an opposition figure based in Paris with close ties to the Moussavi family.

Mr. Moussavi was run over by an SUV outside his home, Mr. Makhmalbaf wrote on his Web site. Five men then emerged from the car, and one of them shot him to death at point-blank range. Government officials TOOK THE BODY late Sunday, and WARNED THE FAMILY NOT TO HOLD A FUNERAL.

One video showed a group of protesters setting an entire police station aflame in Tehran. Another showed people carrying off the body of a dead protester, chanting “I’ll kill, I’ll kill the one who killed my brother.”

...There were scattered reports of police officers surrendering, or refusing to fight. Several videos posted to the Internet show officers holding up their helmets and walking away from the melee, as protesters pat them on the back in appreciation. In one photograph, several police officers can be seen holding their arms up, and one of them wears a bright green headband, the signature color of the opposition movement.


Mousavi killing was assassination, not random

by FG on

As the Times notes, not even the Shah killed opponents on Ashura, implying correctly that Khamenei and those around him are much worse than what the people replaced in 1979.  

Is anyone surprised at the regime's theft of the body (aka hiding evidence) or threats against the family if they mourn.  Its standard practice for Khamenei and thugs.