Operation Azadi: Military forms new army, declares war on coup forces
Anonymous Iran / MikVebrugge
26-Dec-2009 (one comment)
(A poster at another site got this off MikVerbrugge and can't say if this was authenticated.  We will soon see.  It is definitely known that severral former Revolutionary Guard officers have joined the demonstrators recently).

This announcement was received via telephone from a high ranking Army officer of NIRU from Iran

Saturday December 26th, 2009

In the name of God the Merciful & Forgiving...
The coordination center for National Iranian Armed Resistance Forces (NIRU) hereby declares its existence & accuses the current government and the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Mr. Sayyed Ali Khamenei of legal transgressions and high treason of nation and homeland.

We, a number of Officers, Soldiers and personnel of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.... Our action has no political or revolting aspects. We’d rather see our actions as the carrying out of the moral & national duties of all soldiers & Iranians. Our intention is the defense of the oppressed against oppressors, and avoidance of further crimes committed by the illegitimate Government...
Now, after 6 months of crisis, oppression, crimes, repeated violent transgressions of our nation’s rights, as well as the trampling of Constitutional & moral laws, the Leader and other main agents of the Government have stripped themselves of their qualification and legitimacy....

Name of Operation: Azadi (Freedom) S... >>>

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Fact or rumor: either way some in regime will jump ship

by FG on

Certainly this report is plausible.  Whether true or not it comes at a timer when confifence and numbers is going up like a rocket among the opposition and the reverse is the case for those still tied to the coup government.
  Fact or rumor, its effect comes from the context of existing new--all bad for Khamenei and his thuggish regime.  Either way the very possinility will encourage defections and in some case outright flight abroad.  Everyone on both sides can see this regime is a sinking boats.   The tendency will be the climb aboard the lifeboats while there still are any. 

Each time a regime supporter sees others flee, he must feel a sense of panic.  Who wants to be the last fool standing as a tidal wave approaches? Those still who remain in the street with clubs and chains may think twice about using them if they can see that they are likely to face severe consequences soon for such crimes. WHAT GIVES SUCH REPORTS SOME CREDIBILITY? --Former high IRCG officials have been seen in demonstrations recently. They are probably closer to the average conscript in their views, rather than the thugs who replaced them.

--I'd agree that the army--full of conscripts who have seen family, friends, neighbors and clerics beaten--is highly unreliable. Many in the IRCG ranks also voted for reform and had their votes stolen too.

--On Dec. 18th the regime was only able to marshall 2,000 to 3,000 for a show of support. I think many insiders are able to see the writing on the wall, especially with mass demonstrations against the regime in the conservative heartland.