Supreme leader says Iran's opposition violates law
13-Dec-2009 (one comment)


State television has broadcast footage of what it said were
opposition supporters tearing up and trampling on a picture of late
revolutionary leader Khomeini during the December 7 protests.

"They are openly violating the law, they insulted Imam Khomeini," Khamenei said in a hard-hitting televised speech.

The opposition earlier accused the authorities of planning to use
the reported "desecration" of Khomeini's picture as a pretext for
action to uproot the reform movement. Some moderate websites suggested
Mousavi may be arrested..."

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Allah deserts Iran after opposition constantly insult Khomeini!

by IranFirst on

Allah, observing from his lofty heights in the Islamic heavens has decided to abandon Iran forever.

The reason for his decision is based upon the Iranian, political opposition constantly insulting Allah's prophet, Khomeini!

Allah, has given a press conference from his Earth based offices in Mekka and here is his statement:

"I, the great
and almighty one, Allah, gave Iran Khomeini, he brainwashed the
Iranians and got rid of that false pretender, US puppet and Satan
dressed as a peacock, the Shah of Persia and his useless family."

Allah with Khomeini sitting by my side, observe these opposition
Infidels attempting to stain the name of my great work and how the
present leaders cannot control and behead these US backed demons, now
I'm tired of it all and will abandon them!"

On hearing this
news, the present regime in Teheran sunk to their knees, begged for
forgiveness and promised to liquidate all opposition!....