Sohrab Aarabi 'Freedom Warrior of Iran' will be Memorialized in Bronze
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San Francisco City Supervisior Ross Mirkarimi will unveil renown sculptor, Paula Slater's bronze portrait sculptures of Sohrab 'Freedom Warrior' and Neda 'Angel of Freedom' on December 12th in San Francisco as part of "Arts United 4 Iran". Dec 07, 2009 – Master sculptor, Paula Slater, who sculpted the much beloved bronze portrait sculptures of Neda 'Angel of Iran' and Neda 'Angel of Freedom' received many requests for her to also please sculpt a portrait bust of Sohrab Aarabi.  Sohrab was a 19 year old Iranian pro-democracy student who disappeared after his participation in a June 2009 protest against the fraudulent election.  Aarabi’s parents filed a missing person's report and each day his mother took his photograph to prisons and courts in search of information.  It wasn't until 26 days after he went missing that the government finally notified his parents of his death.  He had been shot in the heart by pro-regime militia during the demonstration and had died almost a month earlier.  Sohrab's family was ordered not to have a memorial service for him, but crowds chanted in defiance of the police as they gathered for his funeral.  The name Sohrab means "bright, shining" and is the name of a hero in Perisan history.  Like Neda Agha-Soltan, Sohrab has become a martyr and a powerful symbol of the fight for Freedom in Iran.  (Photos of the beautifully detailed life size clay bust presently being cast in bronze at >>>

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