Iran police 'clash with protesters'
AlJazeera English

Police have reportedly clashed with crowds of anti-government protesters in Tehran, as Iranians mark Student Day.

The reformist Rah-e Sabz website reported that at least two
opposition supporters, both women, were arrested amid
the demonstrations on Monday.

Reports of the protests could not be verified as journalists have been ordered to stay in their offices.

Several witnesses said that police fired tear gas at demonstrators in central Tehran.

One witness was quoted by the AFP news agency as saying: "Police
fired tear gas at groups of protesters chanting slogans against
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Vali Asr intersection and Enghelab

Ronaghi, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Tehran, said mobile phone
communications in areas where protests were expected had been jammed.

"As far as we know, some sporadic gatherings were reported around
some of the main campuses in central Tehran, but not at Tehran
University, which was surrounded by swarming security forces," he said.

Ahead of Student Day, several websites had called for demonstrat... >>>

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