Iran's Voice Will Be Heard
Huffington Post


What they can't do is stop the thousands of Iranians and their
non-Iranian supporters from spreading the news that they get from
Iranians inside the country online. There is literally an army of these
people who in a few hours will be doing only one thing -- spreading
news about the protests on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, LiveJournal,
YouTube, MySpace, Photobucket and every available bit of space on the
internet they can get their keyboard and mouse on.

While the Iranian community abroad certainly has an interest in the
affairs of Iran, and its participation could be seen as a sign of
patriotism -- the involvement of non-Iranians gives a bystander new
hope about the future prospects of mankind. Surprisingly enough, few of
these individuals are professional human rights activists, journalists
or political junkies. What unites them is greater than any occupation.
They come from different countries, speak different languages and their
skin is beautiful shades of the same color -- the color of humanity.
That is the banner under which they have united.

Their stories are different: a skinny girl from Israel who loves her
country, a yoga instructor from Germany who's fascinated by Asia and a
Phillies fan from Pennsylvania who admires President Bush for his
faith. But they are all united by one cause, one desire and one goal --
to help stop the ... >>>

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