Tehran University under siege. Students: "We are at war"
Asia News

Government officials have launched a massive campaign of repression, with arrests and convictions. Pro-Western courses replaced with Islamic theology. Female students who wear
clothes considered too colourful, punished. On 7 December, an anti-government demonstration planned, which could lead to fresh violence.

Iranian authorities have laid siege to theuniversities in the country, with a wave of arrests and expulsions. The government intends to eradicate the new wave of dissent on the eve of a massive student protest scheduled for 7 December. Dress codes for women inspired by Islamic morals are imposed, even the length young men’s hair is regulated, considered a sign of political dissent against the regime of the Ayatollahs.

Students hired by the Basij militia, the "volunteers of the revolution", indicate fellow students suspected of collusion with the opposition movements. On
3 December, the police promised "harsh repression" if protesters will
expand the demonstration outside the campus: all gatherings are
considered "illegal" and the agents will take the "necessary

The government intends to control not only security, but also "ideas" that circulate within universities. Some lessons are considered too pro-Western and have been replaced by seminars of Islamic theology. Sources insi... >>>

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