Is Iran Raising the Stakes of International Diplomacy?
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace / Karim Sadjadpour/Christiane Amanpour

AMANPOUR: How do you assess what President Ahmadinejad and the cabinet has said over the weekend?

SADJADPOUR: Christiane, I think Ahmadinejad's announcement was mostly bluster. If we want to put this into some perspective, Iran has taken over two decades to complete its enrichment facility in Natanz, and it's still not fully operational. So for them to complete ten enrichment facilities the size of Natanz would -- would take decades.

So I would take this announcement with a grain of salt. I certainly don't think it's an imminent threat. And to credit the Obama administration, I think the United States under his leadership has projected kind of the poise and dignity of a superpower, instead of reacting to every announcement which Iran makes.

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