IRAN: Authorities confiscate lawyer Shirin Ebadi's Nobel Peace Prize
Christian Science Monitor
26-Nov-2009 (one comment)

“This is the first time a Nobel Peace Prize has been confiscated by
national authorities," Norwegian foreign minister Jonas Gahr Store said
in a statement posted to his agency's website.

In its statement, the Norwegian foreign ministry also expressed concern
over the treatment of Ebadi's husband by Iranian authorities.

They say his pension is not being paid and that his bank account has
been frozen. He also was detained in Tehran earlier this fall and
subsequently beaten, they said.


Immoral Supreme Pervert keeps hitting new lows

by FG on

It looks like the Khamenei regime keeps achieving new lows even as it futilely attempts to re-educate people to love a hateful regime and an immoral, brutal Supreme Leader. As for the way her husband is being treated, taking things out on relatives when anyone speaks up for human rights is standard practice under the Supreme Scumbag as every Iranian knows by now.