Another Khamenei Divine Assessment
Associated Press
26-Nov-2009 (4 comments)

OSLO – Iranian authorities have confiscated Nobel Peace laureate Shirin Ebadi's medal, the Norwegian government said Thursday, accusing Iran of a shocking first in the history of the prize.

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Khamenei Seizes Nobel Laureate Ebadi's Medal

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These craxxy worshippers of Khamenei have ruined the reputation of Iranians through out the world.




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i agree 100%

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good statement reza jan. well said bro.

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Beyond justifications...

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This must show our collective sense of SHAME...

The only thing Norweigians and others around the world can learn from this Idiotic behaviour is yet another proof of how low, insecure and fearful the Islamic authorities in Iran really are...

Unfortunately, us Iranians are also being judged around the world based on such stupid actions by bunch of stupid and psycho-path thugs!!! We are all guilty by some unwanted association whether we like it or not! There is nothing to laugh about on this, but to cry for instead! unfortunately...

The only salvation for us Iranians , our country and our civilization /culture on the world stage is to collectively Rise against this EVIL regime and bringing them down and flushing them down the historical toilet where they really belong... Only after this we can raise our heads on the world stage again...

It is time to grow up! Once and for all ...

Awareness, Consciousness, Love and Peace.