Demonstrators reject Amhadinejad's visit to Venezuela
25-Nov-2009 (one comment)

""We reject the presence of the Iranian dictator, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
in the country. We think it is ironic that we are waiting for the doors
(of Venezuela) to be opened to the IACHR (for an official visit),
while we have to see dictators visiting" the country, said Mariana
Hernández, faculty adviser to the Central University of Venezuela

"Today, on the day against violence against women, we
demand respect for human beings, women in Iran, Venezuela and of all
mankind, women have fought the battle throughout history," she said.

added that the protest was intended to show that people in Venezuela
reject the attacks and persecution of dissidents. "In this country we
do believe in democracy. In Venezuela, we do believe in equal rights
for men and women. "

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Thank you Venezuela

by IranFirst on

Thanks to people of Venezuela (not the Loony Chavez), who are demonstrating agains Antari and against his and IRI's crimes against Iranains and humanity.