Iran's Islamic regime is no model to follow
Daily Star / Raja Kamal

According to the International Monetary Fund, of 91 countries tracked according to the displacement of their elite citizens (those with advanced education and technical know-how), Iran ranks first. It is estimated that 250,000 Iranian engineers and physicians currently reside in the United States. The American government estimates that 70 percent of Iranian immigrants in the US have a college degree. In fact, the value of Iranian assets transferred to the US and Europe in the form of specialized human resources is estimated at well over $10 billion. It is believed that the number of Iranians scattered around the world to be between two and seven million people. IMF estimates the wealth of Iranians living abroad at some $400 billion. Nor is there any indication that the brain drain is slowing down.

The regime in Tehran is showing signs of both political and economic fatigue.

According to Iranian government sources, the unemployment rate in the Islamic Republic is 12.5 percent. However, international economists believe the real rate of unemployment to be twice as large. Politically, the recent June presidential election brought to light the deep dissatisfaction of the Iranian population, which was expressed in the streets of Tehran. Even if the current regime survives, it is wounded and appears to be significantly weaker. If the Islamic Republic is a product introduced in 1979, its shelf-life is expiring. Iran’s revolution has depleted the human and natural... >>>

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