"Beyond Zero Enrichment: Suggestions for an Iranian Nuclear Deal"
Harvard University, JFK School of Government / Matthew Bunn
19-Nov-2009 (one comment)


  • Ultimately, we have three options on Iran: (1) Acquiesce to its
    nuclear program and try to contain it, (2) Negotiate a deal, or (3)
    Launch military strikes.
  • Both acquiescence and military strikes would pose major risks to U.S. and international security.
  • Zero centrifuges in Iran would be the best outcome for the U.S. and
    international security. But there is virtually no chance that Iran will
    agree to zero enrichment in response to any set of sanctions and
    inducements the United States can plausibly put together.  Insisting on
    zero will mean no agreement, leaving the world with the risks of
    acquiescence or military strikes.
  • It is time to begin thinking about what the least bad options might
    look like. Allowing some enrichment on Iranian soil may offer the
    lowest risks to U.S. security of the many bad options now available.
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Iran is having a very fair offer to the West

by Bavafa on

By accepting the IAEA offer to have Iran LEU sent out of the country for further enrichment.  If the West really is sincere in its offer, then what should be the problem by an even exchange to build confidence.