30 people have been executed in the southwestern Iranian province of Khuzestan
Iran Human Rights
20-Nov-2009 (one comment)

Iran Human Rights, November 19: According to the state run Iranian news agency Fars, 30 people have been executed during the last 8 months in the city of Ahwaz, capital of Iranian province of Khuzestan. Quoting Davoud Sadeghi, spokesman of the justice authorities of Khuzestan province, the report said: Since beginning of the Iranian new year (21 March) 13 people convicted of drug trafficking have been executed in Ahwaz. He added: " Additional 3 people have been executed convicted of Moharebeh (at war with God, a term used for those involved in struggle against teh authorities), one person convicted of armed robbery and 13 others executed convicted of murder. The report didn’t provide any details regarding the names or exact date of the executions of the 30 people executed in the Khuzestan province since March 2009.

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Criminal IRI will pay for this!

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IRI's days are numbered.