Iran's top general warns of Saudi "Wahabbism Terrorism"
18-Nov-2009 (one comment)

Iran's top general says the involvement of the
Saudi kingdom in massacring Shias in Yemen is the beginning of "State Wahhabism

Major General Hassan Firouzabadi said in a statement Tuesday that statesmen in
Yemen and Saudi Arabia must realize that the continuation of "Wahhabism
Terrorism" would have consequences for the entire region.



What a laugh!

by FG on

Yes the Saudis have financed terrorism abroad but so has Iran.   The general fails to mention the recently captured Iranian ship full of weapons headed for Yemen with four IRCG military advisors.  

It appears to me that the terror threat in the Middle East has diminshed over the past two years EXCEPT in Iran where it comes mainly from the government and is directed internally at cowing its own citizens.   I suspect, however, that Iran may soon suffer from a second form of terrorism, asymetrical warfare waged by brutalized minorities near porous borders.

Ordinarily the prospect of national disintegration and the loss of entire regions would rouse a people as nationalistic as the Iranian but not when the rulers themselves are so deeply and widely hated.   People see the threat from their own government as more important that the risk of lost regions because its impact on their own personal lives has become so great as to be intolerable.  Iran's people have no more time to worry minorities who want to leave than they have for Palestinians.  They feel--not inaccurately--that Israel's treatment of Palestinians has been mild toward what they suffer from the regime's hands.

Previously the main tragedy of Khamenei's misrule were the economic wastage and the horrific crimes against citizens in genral. Now Iran may disintegrate and lose border regions simply because minorities have had enough. Many Iranians even sympathize with such minorities since they they know what their government is capable of and what is has been doing to such people for years now.  The recent political execution of a peaceful young Kurdish protestor has created a martyr who will become for Kurds what Neda and a young prison doctor have become for Iranians at large.

This regime is oh so vulnerable and stupid.  It alienates the entire West.  It alienates most of the Middle East.  And it alienateds its own people at home--all at the SAME time!