Muslims must quit British Forces, says Iranian envoy Abdolhossein Moezi
15-Nov-2009 (one comment)

The Iranian Supreme Leader’s representative in Britain has told Muslim
servicemen and women to quit the Armed Forces, saying that their involvement
in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars is forbidden by Islam.

The cleric, personally appointed by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali
Khamenei, to be his special envoy to the UK, also urged Muslims to defeat
the opposition to the Iranian regime and keep the 30-year-old Islamic
Republic alive.

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Bee Vatans

by IranFirst on

Just as IRI, and Baseejis have NO loyalty to Iranains, but to Arabs and terrorists of all kinds, now they are preaching it to other Muslim cultists in other countries. Nationality and Vatan does not mean anything to these savages. Just like the recent Palestinian-origin Army "Dr." in USA, who killed many of his countrymen for Islam, the brain washed Baseejis kill our youth for this barbaric cult with no sense of guilt