Iran's Green Movement Spreading Despite Crackdown
Mianeh / Behzad Yaghmaian
15-Nov-2009 (one comment)

In a
middle school in Tehran, students defied their principals and refused to chant
against America. "They were saying ‘Marg bar Amrica' (Death to America) from the
loudspeakers, but the students were chanting ‘Marg bar Dicatator' (Death to the
dictator)," said a jubilant 13-year old student. The principal had asked
students to bring balloons with "Death to America" written on them. "The
students instead came with green balloons that said ‘Death to the Dictator',"
she said.


a high school in Karaj, students refused to take part in the flag-burning
ritual. Preparing for the anniversary celebration, the principal had prepared
balloons in red, green, and white, the colours of the Iranian flag. Students
burst the red and white balloons. "Everyone was holding a green balloon and the
principal was very angry," a student reported.


spread of the Green Movement to middle and high schools reveals the
pervasiveness of the opposition to the government. It shows the beginning of
what could become the largest and most inclusive political and cultural movement
in Iran's recent history. Cracking down on middle and high school students will
be exceptionally difficult. Sending troops and militias to middle schools will
be explosive, a red line that even the Islamic Republic cannot cross. >>>


The predictable is coming to pass

by FG on

Some time ago I made a few predictions of the growth of an Iranian counterculture, based on some similarities with what happened in America during the Vietnam Era. 

In Iran as in the USA,  the opposition was at first confined to relatively small groups of students at elite colleges.  From there its base broadened to include most colleges, then students of high school age and substantial segments of the general public.

If anything, the counterculture among students is reaching even lower grade levels than happened in the USA.  That is a surprise for me.  As the article notes, it is also spreading well beyond students (no surprise) again paralleling what happened in the USA.   

What we have yet to see but may see is some counterpart to the Weathermen in the USA, the Red Brigades in Italy and the Baeder-Meinhof gang in the Germany. When so many become so desperate, it seems inevitable that this will come to pass as well--especially since the Iranian government government's domestic brutality is exponentially greater than that of LBJ or Nixon.