Who's really running Iran's Green Movement?
Foreign Policy / Mehdi Khalaji
06-Nov-2009 (one comment)

Here's a hint: It's not Mousavi, Khatami or Karoubbi....Despite being lauded as modernizers, opposition front-runner Mousavi and his two green movement colleagues are deeply loyal to the ideals of Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, and advocate a theocratic political system. Had Mousavi come into office following the June 12 presidential election, he would not have challenged the political order. He would have tried to fix the Islamic Republic's internal and external crises through slight policy tweaks.


Even a Moussavi presidency could save the IRI now

by FG on

Suppose the Supreme leader were to reverse the election tomorrow and allow Mousavi his victory.  Suppose Khamenei even guaranteed he would not torpedo any reforms as he did during the Khamenei presidency.  Does anyone believe the regime could survive after so many horrific crimes since? Could Mousavi himself remain popular for long if attempted to save the Islamic Republic through belated reforms? Or it too late for that now?

Recall the short-lived "unity" governments set up by so-called "reform communists" in Germany, Czechoslavakia and the Soviet Union after hardline regimes failed.    Like communism as an ideology, the entire concept of an Islamic Republic has become too deeply tainted to ever recover.