Iran's new chant is 'Death to no one!'
CNN / Hamid Dabashi
04-Nov-2009 (one comment)

NEW YORK (CNN) -- November 4 is the 30th anniversary of the Iran hostage crisis, a turning point in Iranian history, in the geopolitics of the region and in the troubled history of U.S.-Iran relations.

On that day, militants, many of them students, invaded the U.S. embassy in Tehran, taking about 70 Americans as hostages in a drama that would last 444 days.

I am one of the last Iranian students who peacefully walked into the United States embassy in Tehran. I went there in July 1976 with a recently acquired Iranian passport and an even more recently obtained acceptance letter from the University of Pennsylvania, and an I-20 form, as we called it then. Then a 25-year-old, I applied for a visa, received one and boarded a plane to Philadelphia.

In just about a second and a half, the way time flies these days, I will turn 60, and I will have a claim over Philadelphia and New York as my successive hometowns more than I do over the cities in which I was born and received my college education, Ahvaz and Tehran

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That would be a good start for all Iranians

by Bavafa on

Even though this is just a slogan and more like "damn to ....." I am all for change.  Perhaps and hopefully the change can include a change in regime in Iran as well.

Enough is enough!