Iran: Walking Away From Islam
04-Nov-2009 (7 comments)

Many of these kids are saying that Islam is "un-Iranian" and that everyone should return to the pre-Islam Iranian religion. The odd thing is that Christianity was never really big in Iran. Iran’s pre-Christian religion, Zoroastrianism, survived until it was largely replaced by Islam 1,400 years ago, after dominating the country for about 1,500 years. The government has been blocking Farsi language sites about Zoroastrianism, which have been growing in popularity over the last few years, apparently in response to the seemingly dreadful impact of Islam. Many Zoroastrianism customs survived the arrival of Islam, much to the chagrin of Moslem clerics. Efforts to stamp out these customs only makes them more popular. The only surviving Zoroastrians (about 150,000) are found mainly in India (about half of them), with small communities in Pakistan and other Central Asian nations. There are also thousands living in the West. There are believed to be over 10,000 still in Iran, where they maintain a very low profile. Zoroastrianism is a monotheistic religion (worship of only one God) that appeared about the same time as Judaism, in a period when monotheism was rare. The oldest major religion is Hinduism, which is polytheistic (with thousands of Gods).

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by sag koochooloo on


Shah Ghollam

Ms. Iranlast

by Shah Ghollam on

You are entiteled to your opinion, however, you are in for a major shock if you think Iranians think like you do or will ever change their religion because of a government and last but not least what you think!

I am not religious by any means, but whomever thinks that Islam can be brushed off from Iranian mosaic culture either does not know Iran or simply "shekar khordeh"! Get a life man, with statements suc as you utter, you look like a fool who is abusing an ope forum.

Talking about Islam, care to let us know what is your religion that you are so proud of?



Gholam-e IRI Islam is

by IranFirst on

Gholam-e IRI

Islam is IMPOSED on Iranians for 1500 years, take the force away and
see how many people will believe in this non-sense ans that
child-molesting murderer (Mohamad).. There is no problem if you want to
cut your families hands, slash your own family, stone your own family,
believe in superstition and hidden Imams and all sorts of dead Arab
Imams, beat yourself every moharam, put your wife and daughter in bags
(Chador) ......Just don't impose this barbarism on the rest of us and
humanity. Enough of suicide bombers around the world and Baseejis
killing our most educated your people


Peace45 and Ms. Hojjat

Dorood bar shoma Iranain-e aziz

Shah Ghollam

Iran: Walking Away From Islam

by Shah Ghollam on

is Tel Aviv's wish to divide and conquer.


Many of these kids are saying that Islam is "un-Iranian" and that everyone should return to the pre-Islam Iranian religion.

What does "many" mean? How did the writer (an unknown charactor" arrived at his assertion? How different such assumptions on Iranian youth can be from say Christian kids in conservative Christian societies? In all, kids are anti stablishment everywhere. you can only look back in your childhoods and fetch those memories of rebellion.

This article in nothing but a "wish" of the unknown author. Islam is a fact of life in Iranian culture for about 1500 years. Even if there is a willingness to change this, it will be a work of at least a couple of centuries, which would leave the author ( and other such wishfull thinkers) to take his wish to his grave. Long before that happens Israel will be long gone as an entity!


Maryam Hojjat

Me too, Amen to that!

by Maryam Hojjat on

To free Iran from Islam & Arab culture for ever!

Payandeh IRAN & Iranians 


Amen to that!

by peace45 on

I would love to see our nation completely gets away from their Arab roots!!!!  But we need a leader to lead this nation out of Arab's religious hold.  Where is our Gandhi like figure ??? we need a Zartoshti Gandhi for Iran


IRI 's actions IS Islam

by IranFirst on

After seeing what this imposed barbarian Arab cult does (killing , stonnong, forcing women to be sesond class citizens,...) for 30 years, many Iranians are Muslims by name only.