Royal dynasties omitted from history books
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01-Nov-2009 (one comment)

In an incomprehensible move, the education minister's research deputy announced the omission of royal dynasties from history textbooks.

"We did not remove the Shah [Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi] from history books only royal dynasties were omitted," said Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Mohammadian.

"Iranian students were forced to remember the names of kings and their dates of birth and death as well as historical events," he said. "Their heads were filled with numbers and dates and we believe that in teaching history the reason behind events must be emphasized so that [this knowledge] can be a guide for our future and a mirror reflecting past events."

"The names of kings may be mentioned, but the people must not be absent [from historical stories]," he said.


It's called "arabization"

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Apparently those who ruled Persia prior to its conquest by invading Arab armies no longer have a place in Iran's history books.  Just last week coup leaders banned Iranians from celebrating Cyrus the Great day a week earlier.  I gather Khemenei & company see such events (accurately) as a personal rejection of what they offer Iran's people instead.  

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